ABOUT LOVE (2014): the “chamber pop” experiment

“It is a fairytale pop album, performed by chamber musicians. It is to make you happy. And it is ABOUT LOVE” – with this tagline to accompany the online premiere of the album, it might not be readily apparent to even a sophisticated listener that the set list was, essentially, an exercise in classical musicContinue reading “ABOUT LOVE (2014): the “chamber pop” experiment”


From blues to Bollywood, the magic of music permeates all the borders, the time and the language barriers. Collaboration between musicians from different parts of the world is instant and comes naturally when the music is but the air to breathe. Shall we say, more is in the cards? Most definitely so.   Boston, USA,Continue reading “CASUAL COLLABORATIONS (on and on)”

ETHNOLOOPS (2010s): tradition times loops

A blissfully failed attempt to approximate “Lucidus” sound solo in 2012 brought to life a whole new concept – a solo set for voice, cello and a loop station, where Eastern European and Native American love songs, mourning cries and fertility chants coexist with original compositions to create a sounding universe full of joy andContinue reading “ETHNOLOOPS (2010s): tradition times loops”

OVERGROUND (2000s): post-perestroika, poetry and D2O

Caught in between the tides of the dwindling post-Soviet underground and the emerging new wave of the Russian rock music, in the early 2000s Alisa Apreleva was prolific and active as a performing singer poet. Praised  for her “unique’ style and sometimes ostracized for epatage, she gained a significant following and toured extensively both solo andContinue reading “OVERGROUND (2000s): post-perestroika, poetry and D2O”