ETHNOLOOPS (2010s): tradition times loops

A blissfully failed attempt to approximate “Lucidus” sound solo in 2012 brought to life a whole new concept – a solo set for voice, cello and a loop station, where Eastern European and Native American love songs, mourning cries and fertility chants coexist with original compositions to create a sounding universe full of joy and color.

Everything on the set is performed live using: Roland BOSS RC-50 loop station, Realist Cello Pickup, and a vocal microphone. Add a sound engineer.


Boston, 2012:


Moscow, 2012:


Moscow, 2017:


Alisa Apreleva and Ishaan Chaabra live on Berklee Internet Radio Network, December 2012:


Moscow, 2017:

Published by Alisa Apreleva, PhD, MT-BC, NMT

Music Scientist, Educator, Voice Coach

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