LUCIDUS (2011): cello rock with an (out)world(ly) twist

Alisa Apreleva’s “Lucidus” originally included 11 compositions for voice, drums and three celli and was recorded, released and premiered in USA, Russia and Mexico in 2010 – 2011.

The album presents a clandestine, atmospheric, if at times too arduous for an uninitiated listener, mosaic of classical, rock, ethnic and sacred music patterns.

“Lucidus” recording artists and authors:

Alisa Apreleva (Russia): music, lyrics, voice, cello, production.
Pyotr Akimov (Russia): music (“Calvaria”).
Dean Capper (USA): cello.
Halley Feaster (USA): cello.
Andrés Marín (Costa Rica): drums and percussion.
Deepak Gopinath (India): drums (“Bellum”).
Marte Roel (Mexico): voice processing, mixing.

Special thanks to Tibor Pusztai (Hungary) – teacher and friend.

Recorded at Sanctum Sound studio, Boston, MA, August 2010. Mixed in Mexico DF, November 2010. Mastered by Yuri Naumov (Nine Strings Studio, New York), December 2010.

“Lucidus” live lineups also included:

RUSSIA: Pyotr Akimov (cello) , Denis Kalinsky (cello), Pyotr Suraikin (cello), Mikhail Smirnov (percussion), Stanislav Perevezentsev (sound),

MEXICO: Daniel On Cello (cello),

USA: Raquel Kober (cello), Steph Dye (cello), Andres Marin (drums).


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