ROAD SONGS (2011): GarageBand magic

Alisa wrote:

“Road Songs is a musical experiment in time and space. It is the result of my commitment to record the first-takes of improvised music – small pieces created on the spot – every (or nearly every) evening, while I was traveling across the USA (Boston to Seattle) in a minivan with my family (including two children – Matvey, then 4, and Anna, then 2). The road trip took more than three weeks, starting on May 20th and ending June 15th 2011.

The idea was to capture the sound-and-mood of the “chronotopos” (time-and-space) as is. I took no precautions to cut off the “noises” (just the opposite, I would sometimes play off the car alarm or cicadae sounds to create the music for the day). That’s why you would hear children’s voices, fire crackling, motor noise, road bumps, bicycle riding by, etc.. I would not “improve” my own imperfect intonation or rhythmic irregularity. I just wanted to have these sketches, like some would take photos of the places they go to, pretty much true to life, to maybe “photoshop” them later in my musical works-to-be or to just have them as the very special keepsakes.

It’s also about exploring the instruments new to me, ones acquired during this trip, – the accordion and the traditional native American (Indian) flute. I even experimented with my own voice, pushing the range limits or dipping into the styles which I normally avoid. To record I used the built-in mic of my computer (just like in this The Beatles cover). I couldn’t afford more than 20 minutes to work on a piece. It’s the raw music material, which you may find crude, spicy or just blah. It’s ok.



By the end of the first week I started to upload these musical pieces every night, knowing that my laptops and hard drives tend to get lost / stolen / broken, and as some people enjoyed these uploads I thought I would keep the sketches online – so that anyone who is willing to peep into my “laboratory” could do so. So, welcome”.




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