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Take Her Down (2020-03-25)
About Love (2014-01-25)

Useless Things (2020-04-03)
Watch Her Play
Remedywave: One (2020-03-27)
Lucidus (2011-04-07)


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Alisa Apreleva, March 2020

“Fans of this Russian Siren know that her haunting melodies and her passionate cello playing create a spectacular portrait of raw emotion and theatricality. She employs a mystical quality in her vocals, faintly reminiscent of the music found in the Middle East, and combines it with ominous string compositions that chill the bones and shake the senses”  

– Berklee Internet Radio Network


After nearly a decade spent advocating for global music therapy and advancing neuromusicology research with a grant from The Stephen Hawking Foundation, award-winning singer-songwriter APRELEVA makes her return to the digital music scene in 2020.

APRELEVA was born in a small Southern town at the junction of Europe and Asia and inherited knowledge of singing tradition directly from her kin. She studied and taught at Berklee College of Music, toured Europe and Americas, shared the stage and recorded with musicians and producers around the world, including Gimme 5’ Rhiannon, Grammy-winning producer Javier Limón, Emmy-nominated producer Ishaan Chaabra, renowned flamenco singer José Mercé, and world music celebrities including Binka Dobreva, Christiane Karam and Sergey Starostin.

APRELEVA’s new music is a sum of explicit emotional statements steeped in melodic pop-rock, with lush vocals soaring above the fragile transparency of her piano performance.

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