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“LUCIDUS” project members:

Alisa Apreleva (Russia): music, lyrics, voice, cello,
Peter Akimov (Russia): music (“Calvaria”).
Dean Capper (USA): cello.
Halley Feaster (USA): cello.
Andrés Marín (Costa Rica): drums and percussion.
Deepak Gopinath (India): drums ("Bellum").
Marte Roel (Mexico): voice processing, mixing.

Special thanks to Tibor Pusztai - teacher and friend.

Recorded at Sanctum Sound studio,
Boston, MA, August 2010
Mixed in Mexico DF, November 2010

Mastered by Yuri Naumov (Nine Strings Studio, New York),
December 2010

Partially funded by Avtomat Grant and fan donations.

© Alisa Apreleva, 2006 - 2010

Please, contact Alisa Apreleva directly
with any questions.
LUCIDUS (2011)

Buy the CD from Russian publisher (digipack, 16-page booklet)

Or download:

BandCamp iTunes

Moscow, April 7 2011, "LUCIDUS" CD presentation show


"Alisa Apreleva is a Russian-American avantgarde singer, composer, multiinstrumentalist, poet, who works in the style best described as "acoustic ambient".

Alisa Apreleva's most recent project, "Lucidus", successfully premiered in Russia, Mexico and USA, includes 11 compositions for voice, drums and three celli. "Lucidus" is a completely unique sounding and emotive experience for anyone who listens to it. It is a strange, atmospheric mixture of classical, rock, ethnic and sacred elements, which takes you beyond the point of just listening to the music and gives you a chance to go for a mystical journey toward your true self".

Thank you for your interest in our music. Your comments and ideas about the project are warmly welcome here!

If you'd like to support the project, you can buy "Lucidus" via iTunes or Amazon, or donate here. We truly appreciate your support: the project could never succeed without you!

Yours in music,

Alisa Apreleva